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Warranty Terms

All goods sold in the shop EuroTELEFON Shop have a warranty.

Some of them are sold with a guarantee from the manufacturer or its main distributor. The type of guarantee and the time which is provided for these goods are set by the manufacturer. However, it is never less than 12 months.

Please remember that most manufacturers only honor the properly completed original warranty cards, which are valid only with proof of purchase. These are products from companies such as Compaq and Hewlett-Packard (HP).

In case of failure of the device having a manufacturer's or importer warranty- questions about service repairs should be directed to the issuer of the warranty card. The relevant address and telephone number will be given on the card provided to you by our company with the purchase of the product.

Other goods are subject to 12-month warranty with our company. If you have problems with a device, please call us at (22-256-9700) to arrange trouble shooting or service. Equipment received damaged should be sent to us at our cost by courier appointed by us for replacement or repair. Transport costs are covered only if damaged merchandise will be sent to us by the courier company designated by us and the problem is covered under the warranty.

Delivered goods must be packed in original packaging and be complete. If it is necessary to replace the product, replacement will be made ​​with an identical product.