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Connecting To EuroTELEFON

The connection to our VoIP network is easy. First, you have to have a device or a program running SIP. You can purchase such a operating device on our site selling our services and phones. However, if you want to start immediately, without waiting for the delivery of equipment, you can download softphone programs from EuroTELEFON, freeware programs, or the eyeBeam, SJPhone, or X-Lite 3.0. The latter also has a built-in IM (exchange of textual information), presentation of online presence, and most importantly allows you to run video-calls and call recording.

Step 1

Before connecting you must secure a telephone account. For this purpose, fill in the order form to obtain your account. As a result, you get the information needed to configure your VoIP device or softphone dial-up program.


Step 2

Configure the device (e.g.; phone, router, snap) or a program and follow its instructions. You will need to enter your network parameters and Login for VoIP devices. The parameters "Domain name"/ "Sip Proxy"/ "Outbound proxy" should be set to "sip.eurotelefon.eu" or "", port 5060 in the "Realm" (if needed), enter "EuroTELEFON" and DTMF set to RFC2833 or Outbound.

Other parameters should operate in their default settings. Username is the VN number, which was generated for you in our network. With this number you were given a password for VoIP devices which you should enter into the "Password" fields. When properly configured, you should hear a dial tone after lifting the handset. This means that the device / software is properly configured and registered with our EuroTELEFON site. You can call the number *111 or #111 to find out what is the charge state of your account.

Additional information about the configuration of various devices and programs you get here.

EyeBeam configuration eyeBeam X-Lite 3.0 / eyeBeam 1.5  is available here.

Step 3

For now, you already have a phone on our network and ready to use the device or VoIP telephone program.

However, if you ordered an account (in step # 1), but no initial payment was made, the account that you have will only make calls within the EuroTELEFON network or free numbers within Poland (emergency numbers and 800 numbers). To be able to make normal calls to all public networks, you need to make a payment, which you can do with our web-based account access here- Basic Account Access or Corporate Account Access.