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We can offer two types of accounts. Purchase of the home or corporate account privides you a virtual number in EuroTELEFON, which allows you to make calls within our network, to fixed networks, mobile/cell lines, landlines and other VoIP networks. You may even use your VoIP video phone for video-audio connections in our network.
bullet EuroTELEFON, a classic pay-as-you-call, super cheap, prepaid account.
bullet Corporate Account for small, medium and large companies.
bullet EuroTELEFON softphone for PC and mobile phones.

Connections to most countries are made with the presentation of the calling number (CLIP). This also applies within Poland- in particular, calls to Polish mobile networks. The price of these calls is one of the lowest in the market.

If you want to let subscribers of other networks to call you, you should also subscribe to a public DID number. Currently, our network can provide the DID from 80 countries in the world including Poland, and most cities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium and other European countries- even in Japan, Singapore, and Australia. It is possible to link your VN number with more than one DID number, for example in Poland, Estonia, and Sweden, which will allow your customers in other countries to call you with a local phone number and save money. Virtual DID phone numbers can be ordered in our web-based account management system by login in to your account.

Mobile VoIP telephony is our latest achievement. We provide a suite of softphone programs for mobile/cell phone operation under Windows Mobile, Symbian phones (e.g.; Nokia), Android and iPhones.

All our programs use a special connection tunneling technology which gives them some very important advantages:


The program still functions in networks where VoIP connections are blocked (e.g.; countries such as Qatar, Dubai and others).


It goes through most firewalls.


They can work in low band networks like Edge.

Free features with the VN account number: Mailbox with additional functions, call waiting, presentation number, call settings management through the web-based panel, free calls worldwide within our network, fax (depending on the equipment at both ends of the connection), voice2email. Click for more information.