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Personal Data Protection

The EuroTELEFON network is the property of TKSoftware. The company TKSoftware Tadeusz Kowalczyk is the administrator of the telephone system, which gives access to the services provided by EuroTELEFON based on VoIP standards. Therefore we inform the users of our VoIP platform, that the processing of your personal data is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27th of April 2016 on protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46/EC. Your personal data will be processed with the aim of carrying out telecommunication services (which involves registration and verification of the account on the prepaid platform as well as conclusion of the contract of our subscription services). This means the carrying out of aims such as:

1. Carrying out services detailed in the contract successfully, by, for example, getting rid of network problems and making sure that the service works properly, and in addition providing client services (which clients have access to) as well as the history of previous statements;

2. Carrying out duties required of us by law, such as creating and storing invoices, replying to customers’ complaints, and assuring the security of the network in accordance to Telecommunication Law;

3. Detection and prevention of abuses of the service;

4. Establishing the protection of our and the customers’ claims. This can include, among others, selling the debts of our customers to other subjects;

5. Conducting direct marketing;

6. Statistical analysis for the purpose of marketing as well as the development of our services and products;

7. Verification of the credibility of your payments when using our own data, as well as those coming from other sources.

In other words, as the Administrator of personal data, we will process your personal data only for carrying out necessary and fair services in accordance with the law, as carried out by either us or the recipient of the data, and specifically direct marketing to the customer of our products and services and realizing claims based on the laws regarding this type of business.

Personal data will only be processed by us for the realization of the requested (by the customer) telecommunication services as well as the necessary claims or investigation of complaints related to the services you are using as well, as resulting from provisions of tax law.

By contracting with us (by, for example, registering either a prepaid or subscription based account), you will be asked to give us permission to use your personal data in accordance with the purposes described above.

We also note that we do not make decisions regarding the automatic processing of data, as we do not use automated data processing. Such a system would include details of physical characteristics such as economic status, health, personal preferences, interests, credibility, behavior, or location.

What Data Do We Collect?

The data that we use as ADO (the Administrator of Personal Data) to carry out our services are:

1. First, middle and last name;

2. Date of birth;

3. Gender;

4. Home address and email address;

5. ID number (such as PESEL, NIP, or TAX ID);

6. Mobile or other phone number (optional);

We are a provider of publicly available telecommunication services. Personal data detailed in documents which confirm the ability of the company to carry out these publicly available telecommunication services, described above, are processed in accordance with Telecommunication Law. Providing these personal details is optional, but not providing them makes it impossible for us to carry out the services which we aim to provide.

Who Has Access To Your Personal Data?

As a provider of publicly available telecommunication services, from which you (our customer) make use of, we are required to pass on basic technical information (such as the telephone number you use) to other telecommunication operators, or directly to the subject of your call, with the aim of correctly carrying out the connection.

Besides that, your personal data (authorized by us as the Administrator) will be used to carry out connections to subjects as described in the contract. Specifically, these are subjects that are IT related, HR related, accounting, involved with printing invoices, with which we have made appropriate agreements. These are, for example:

1. Subjects that deal with our IT systems and telecommunication networks as well as supporting us in carrying out our telecommunication or other services as requested by the customer;

2. Subjects dealing with the selling or marketing of our services;

3. Subjects that provide advice, consultation, audits, legal help, accounting assistance, or tax assistance;

4. Subjects carrying out mail delivery services;

5. Subjects carrying out financial transactions (banks, insurance companies, or other financial institutions), with the aim of, for example, carrying out financial returns ordered by you, the customer;

6. Subjects taking on the debts of our customers (with the aim of protecting our claims specified in the contract);

7. Chairman of UKE (the Polish Electronic Communications agency), during the transition of a number to our network from another operator, or from our network to another operator;

8. Union of Polish Banks, in order to check if your identification document was not reported to the Disabled Document System;

9. Other telecommunication contractors, with the aim of storing your information in their lists of subscribers;

We do not intend to pass on data provided by you to other countries or international organizations. The issue of passing on data to other subjects, which enable us to realize our services, is detailed in Telecommunication Law.

Customer Rights

As ADO (the Administrator of Personal Data), in accordance with relevant regulations, we guarantee you, the customer, the ability to:

1. Access your personal information;

2. Correct personal information used by us;

3. Limit the processing of personal data by us;

4. Cancel the processing of personal data by us;

5. Transfer personal data to another administrator;

6. File complaints to an oversight organization (Chairman of Personal Data Protection Office)

An appropriate motion is to be referred to our personal data protection inspector, with whom you are able to contact by letter: Personal data protection inspector, TKSoftware with headquarters in Strzeniówka, 11 Świetlików Street, 05-830 Nadarzyn, Poland, or by e-mail at iod@tksoftware.com.pl.