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EuroTELEFON  Account of "Pay As You Go" type.

You may call any number in the world and benefit from our Super Low Rates for domestic and international calls.

A Pay-As-You-Go account allows you to:
bulletMake Free calls from our network.
bulletManage your account on-line.
bulletUse any of our Advanced Features
bulletUse our service with mobile/cell phones

EuroTELEFON Account allows you to save on every phone call you make! There is no contract or maintenance fees. You only pay the low rates for calls made to any phone number around the world (landline or mobile) according to our super low prices. When the limit of your account runs low, we will notify you to remind you to increase this limit by using the features on our website, so you can enjoy uninterrupted service.

You can use any SIP devices (SIP phones, a router, or a snap with VoIP-SIP option) or a computer program such as eyeBeam, X-Ten, SJPhone, etc. You can even use your video to video-audio connections in our network. We will help you set up your chosen program or SIP device to work with our system. You can use our first-class SIP devices and increase the benefit from their broadband connection to the internet. Purchased from us is a SIP device that we configure to work with our system, so you can just plug it into the socket and immediately start calling.

Connections to most countries are made with the presentation of the calling number (CLIP). This also applies to Poland, in particular, calls to Polish mobile networks. The price of these calls is one of the lowest in the market.

User web-based accounts, managed on our website, allows you to configure your account to your desires. You may check your history, the price of calls, and manage the advanced features that are associated with each free account EuroTELEFON. For example, signing up for DID numbers using any area code in Poland or from any country in the world.

Click here if you want to sign up for EuroTELEFON account. Sign Up for a EuroTELEFON Account