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The EuroTELEFON Network

The EuroTELEFON network is owned by TKSoftware. It is the result of years of experience gained in the field of telecommunications. We use the latest VoIP technology in the market. We rely mainly on the Cisco and Quintum equipment and we have the perfect combination of European and American networks. This allows us to offer a wide range of VoIP services and to ensure the highest quality calls (premium call ), and ensure that you don't get the "line busy" signals often as a result of overloaded control gates with other service providers. Sales of VoIP devices is carried out by EuroTELEFON Toy Shop service, which also belongs to our company.

Our service meets all the requirements of Personal Data Protection.

A Little Of Our Company History

TKSoftware's roots date back to the early eighties, when a software company was created from the urgent need of a leading hotel in Warsaw. The main scope of this company was to create an advanced system to manage hotels more efficiently. As a result, TKSoftware developed the first Polish system which was made for telephone exchange billing which were sold by I.T.C. - Poland.

Since the beginning of the 90's, hotel management systems evolved within our company and were made available to other independent hotels. As of today, we have gained a strong position in the Polish independent hotel market and in January 2003, TKSoftware began servicing IT systems. In mid-2005, experts created EuroTELEFON (as a subsidiary of TKSoftware) to handle an increasing demand for low cost communications through VoIP phone systems.

Company Data

Company Name: TKSoftware
Tadeusz Kowalczyk
Postal Address:

05-830 Nadarzyn
ul. Świetlików 11

NIP: 534-020-39-05
REGON: 010247951
Bank: ING Bank Śląski
Account No.: 14 1050 1924 1000 0023 0707 7459
Telecommunication Company Registration Number: 5528