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Voice Mail (answering machine)

All versions of EuroTELEFON telephone accounts come with a voice mail/answering machine function. After creating the account one can access the appropriate function and set up a voice mail according to their needs. The simplest version of the configuration allows you to set it so that if connections are not received for any reason (line busy, the phone is turned off, or you're not at home) calls are forwarded to your answering machine on our network to give the caller the opportunity to record messages for you. You will be notified by mail, and additionally, your phone (if you use the IP phone) indicator lightsup on "Message" and you will hear a special sound. If you use a regular phone and VoIP equipment or a router, you will hear a special type of ring signal after lifting the handset.

To listen to the message or make configuration changes to your mailbox, simply dial "#198" or "* 198" which redirects you to your voice mail. You will have to choose to listen to messages or change their settings and the ability to record your announcement. Of course, you can also listen to the message after logging in to your telephone account on our web-based account access site.


Advanced Features

bulletTopping the phone account online - anytime, day or night through the web-based access to accounts.
bullet Accounts offering DID number from all zones in Poland and 38 other countries in the world.
bullet Able to listen to the charge account after you dial a number #111 or *111
bullet The possibility of use of any dial-up program (soft phone) including programs for mobile phones are available on our website (Windows Mobile, Iphone, or phones running Symbian on the Nokia).
bullet Caller ID - ID (phone number) the caller will be shown on when one calls.
bullet CLIP - Your number will be shown on your phone conversations.
bullet Call waiting - If you're in a conversation, and someone else calls you- you will hear a beep that informs you about an incoming call. It will give you the opportunity to switch to the second call.
Call Transfer - Transfer current call to another number. Including Nokia Symbian).
bullet Redial - Repeat the last number.
bullet Return Call - Call the number that you last called.
bullet 3-way conference - Allows you to create a conference call with two other phone numbers.
bullet Message Waiting Indication - Information on the waiting message.
Anonymous call blocking - Allows you to block those incoming calls that do not provide their number (depending on the
of your telephone equipment).
Do Not Disturb - Do Not Disturb allows you to lock your phone line (the caller hears a busy signal.)
bullet Line unavailable forwarding - Allows you to redirect your line to another number when your line is just busy.
bullet Reception - Allows you to build a multi-stage system for announcements and redirects (IVR)
bullet Sending a SMS.
bullet WebPhone - Your phone is available by logging on to the Panel Call Account.
Call Connect-You can establish a connection between any two phones (phone numbers) over any telephone networks.
bullet Video Phone (Dependent on your phone device.)
bullet Contacts list.
bulletQuick dailing.
A number of other functions in the Control Panel Call Account.
Log of realized and failed calls.