Our system uses two types of accounts listed below.

 Basic Account Panel

Basic EuroTELEFON Telephone Accounts are for the persons or company that needs only a simple telephone account. It is equipped with all the advanced features available in the EuroTELEFON system, with the exception of features for businesses. The web-based account functions are available to create your phone book, a lists of short numbers, setting up DID numbers for Poland or other countries in the world, sending SMS messages to other EuroTELEFON accounts or cell phones, recording announcements as well as creation of a voicemail box and call forwarding. There is also Web-dialer allowing acquisition of direct control over their phone, or receiving calls and ringing through the portal. There is also a function that provides a connection between any two phones via their EuroTELEFON account.

You can also authorize any phone number, such number of its cells, which will make phone calls from this phone via the EuroTELEFON telephone account. Just call (+48) 22 2569710, you will be automatically prompted to select a language, then the status of your account shall be presented and you will be asked to enter the destination number (even on the other side of the world). For people who speak Polish, we have the number (+48) 22 2569711. The cost of such calls include the cost of the call to our DID number (local call from Poland) plus the cost of the number entered, on the basis of our super-cheap pricing package.

ET-PBX Corporate Account Panel

The Corporate Customer Accounts (ET-PBX) are designed for companies that need more than a basic telephone account. It allows the company to build very sophisticated telephone systems. The system can accommodate intricate building structures- even with separate company branches- creating an internal telephone network and an automatic receptionist for each branch. It allows the company to assign public DID numbers from Poland and other countries. Corporate accounts include all the features of the Basic EuroTELEFON Account plus additional features. An authorized person may use the web-based account access to log in to the business account and manage its functions or generate reports.

If you want to set up ET-PBX account, click here.