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Corporate Accounts

Standard Features

Some standard features available (at no additional cost) on all accounts: voicemail, call waiting, number presentation, call forwarding, Web-Phone function Click2Call, and Callback. Click here for more information.

Basic Corporate Telephone Account

We offer a EuroTELEFON basic business account, which is invoiced on a monthly basis according to our standard monthly price list. Payment will be made ​​on the basis of "end of month invoices" issued for all calls made ​​during the month (Postpaid mode). Such accounts may have DID numbers (public numbers) and the business may subscribe to one or more of them via our web site.

Each standard business account line is able to handle 10 calls simultaneously (refer to "Virtual Numbers" in the account management panel). However, if a business account customer has a need, up to 10 additional incoming channels may be purchased for a nominal fee.

With our service and optional equipment, a single business account would be able to handle several simultaneous conversations. To meet this standard, equipment needed would include items such as Cisco or Grandstream VoIP adapter or Draytek unit. We can also provide appropriate VoIP cards to existing telephone exchanges (such as Slican CCT / MAC) to take advantage of these great features. Thanks to our company services, a business can have a telephone account with EuroTELEFON, which would be able to carry up to 10 simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls.

Clik here to sigh up. Click here if you want to create a basic business account with EuroTELEFON. After setting up the account please send us via e-mail your company data needed for official invoicing as well as the VN number of this account. Your new business account will then be initialized under the Postpaid plan.

Please Note: If necessary we can send our representative to your business to set up your new business telephone account (a set-up fee will be charged).

Virtual PBX ET-PBX - Corporate Account

This option gives a business the functionality of IP-PBX exchange. Through our control panel management system, user can create an internal corporate phone network covering the company's facilities (may be extended to cover any area and not just a building) located anywhere in the world. Our system fulfills all the functions of a modern corporate telephone exchange without the need to purchase the whole exchange system hardware. The only requirement is permanent, high quality, internet access. If your business already owns a hardware type exchange system, reduced version of this account can be used to connect company to the outside world.

The EuroTELEFON control panel management system is built based on telephone accounts with all the advanced features. In addition, we can make available the functions necessary to build a headquarter system, such as the business structure (branches, sub-units); setting up telephone lines for individual departments, creation of a receptionist- with an introduction of notices and system programming announcements, call forwarding to any group or to internal numbers or to numbers outside the network. In the Business Account control panel ET-PBX management system, one can also monitor phone calls made from or to the internal lines in real time.

The cost of running a EuroTELEFON professional business account is a very low 70 zł net +VAT fixed monthly subscription (150 telephone lines included) and 50 zł + VAT as a one time processing fee. This low cost is comparable only to the cost of maintenance for a standard control panel- additional savings will always accrue as calls are always more economical with our VOIP system. However, with this full scale system, it is necessary to use special IP phones (good phones start at about 120 zł). Alternatively, you may also use standard VoIP adapter (such as Linksys SPA-3102, PAP2T, or Grandstream adapters) with your existing ordinary telephones (these adapters start from 80 zł for each VoIP line). The third option is to use any soft-phone software, which you may install on your computer (software also available on our website). Depending on the type of program, you could have such advanced features as video-phone capability or recording telephone conversations.

If you want to create a Corporate ET-PBX Account, click here.

Payment of Monthly Charges

Monthly billing is calculated at the end of every month (e.g., invoices will be sent out on the first of the month for the previous month).

If the account is of prepaid mode, a lack of funds in your account would cause it to be automatically blocked.

Accounts conducted under Postpaid have a grace period in accordance with the invoice due date, which means it may also be blocked if the invoice is not paid on time.

Charges may be settled by bank account or on-line through the "Charge" / "Recharge" function. Internet Payments to the account are conducted by a secure system managed by PayU.

What You Need

Above all, a broadband Internet connection is required. The necessary bandwidth is a minimum of 256 kbs in each direction. For example, TPSA can support this via Neostrada 1 mbs or more. You may also use a wireless connection at the appropriate rate.

To use your telephone lines you may use any SIP devices (SIP phones, a router or a snap with the option of VoIP-SIP) or a computer program like X-Ten, SJPhone etc (also installed on the Pocket PC with WiFi option.) Upon request, we may help you set up your chosen program or SIP device to work with our system.

You can also use our first-class SIP devices and increase the benefit from their broadband connection to the Internet.

If you purchase a SIP device from us, we will configure it to work directly with our system. So, you can just plug it into the socket and immediately make a call.

You can also download EuroTELEFON softphone-type programs for PC and mobile phones such as Windows Mobile, Iphone / Ipod, Symbian (including Nokia) and others.

Additional Products:
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