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In order to benefit from our low cost and reliable VOIP telephone services, it is necessary to meet some simple basic requirements:

  1. The minimum required bandwidth of your connection should be at least 64 kb/s in each direction. In addition, the connection must be stable and satisfy the QoS standard that can transmit packets quickly enough with sound.


    Note: To check the quality of your calls, you can use a special test program for routing packets. We suggest the software called "Ping Plotter", which can be downloaded as a "trial" at http://www.pingplotter.com.

  2. You must have a device that supports VoIP SIP, such as an IP phone, a router with VoIP, or a snap feature for VoIP. You may also use a "soft-phone" if your computer is equipped with speakers and microphone or a special handset. There are also soft-phones for mobile phones available on our pages as well as in Internet. For your convenience, some or all of these devices may be purchased or downloaded from our EuroTELEFON on-line store (Toy Store).

  3. Using a personal computer and the internet, it is easy to manage a EuroTELEFON account.