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Equipment and Software For IP Telephony

EuroTELEFON works with any device adapted to the SIP standard for IP telephone communication. There are three types of such devices: a hard, soft, and company phones. Below we give a brief description of each type with examples of devices that passed the tests within our company. However, because our system is open and we accept any device meeting the SIP standard, users can find other procedures and configurations than the ones shown by EuroTELEFON. If you wish to use a device other than that shown by us, please let us know so we can make tests and provide setup procedure.

Hard Phones are physical phones that are connected to a network by an Ethernet socket. They are the easiest to use, because they are completely independent from your computer. This means that they can work no matter whether your computer is turned on, or whether or not you have a computer. Moreover, it is nice to use an ordinary telephone handset instead of a microphone and computer speakers.

AVM Devices
Linksys Devices
Phone Planet VIP-150T
Adapter Planet VIP-156
DrayTek Routers 2500, 2600 i 2900 with option V


Soft Phones are simple programs installed on a computer that use the sound card as a user interface. Most new VoIP customers begin their adventure with such programs because of their low price (i.e.; some programs are free), and ease of installation. A disadvantage is the need for a computer, and the inconvenience of using a microphone and speakers.

EuroTELEFON Program
 We have programs available for the PC and phones with standard Windows Mobile, Symbian (eg Nokia), and iPhone / iPod (Apple Market).

Programs from other companies:

eyeBeam X-Lite 3.0 / eyeBeam 1.5
Xten X-Lite / X-Pro
SJ Labs - SJPhone


Company Phones  This is a combination of a soft-phone and hard-phone. This is a special phone connected to your PC with a USB cord connection, which seems like one is using a normal phone.  However, you need to install the drivers for your USB phone and the soft-phone program.

USB Phone