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Selection Of DID Numbers

(from any country in the world)

A DID number is a public number for your telephone account. It may be installed quickly and easily by logging into your telephone account with the Basic Account or Corporate Account links on our web-site

However, if you would like us to set up a number for you, please browse the diagram bellow. You can get a list of prexes/cities available clicking selected country. Take in mind that in many countries we have more then one DID supplier. In some countries those suppliers are providing different list of DID numbers. Pleas choose your country and prefix and send it to us by email. Do not forget to provide a login name to your account in EuroTELEFON. After our company reviews your information, a DID number will be configured for your account. As a result, we will send (to the e-mail provided) instructions on how to configure your current VoIP devices. It is possible to assign several DID numbers from around the world to one EuroTELEFON account.


An international DID number is usually covered by a subscription fee (depending on country of origin) of 40 PLN net monthly and 5 PLN for DID numbers in Poland. This fee will be charged to your account automatically. In addition, DID numbers from outside Poland are burdened with a one-time installation fee, usually 50 PLN +VAT. Please add 23% VAT tax to the above prices. If the account you have is a prepaid one (e.g. Basic Account), it must have enough funds to cover the subscription and installation fees. If not, first make a top-up using the "Recharge" /"Doladuj" in your web-based account page. Otherwise, you will not be able to complete ordering your new DID number.