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X-ten X-Lite / X-Pro

This is one of the programs that we have tested. It allows for rapid deployment and immediate use of your account, without waiting for the arrival of equipment packages ordered in our shop . The program can be downloaded from the Xten.

Note: In this program, do not use the button marked # to approve the target number, because it will be treated as part of that number. Instead, use the ENTER key.

Step 1

Press the menu button on the right side of the "CLEAR".


Step 2

You will get the chart from the menu. Advance to System Settings -> SIP Proxy -> [Default]


Step 3

You need to change a few settings, leaving the rest in accordance with standard settings.

Display Name:   Enter your phone VN number received after the account is in our network. If you have additional public DID number, enter it instead of the VN.
User Name:  Enter your phone VN number received after the account is registered in our network.
Password:   Enter your password to your account in our network
Domain/Realm: Type "sip.eurotelefon.eu"
SIP Proxy: Type "sip.eurotelefon.eu"
Send Internal: IP:  Select "Always"
Register:   Select "Always"


Step 4

After making the changes close the window by clicking on the button shown.


Step 5

System ready to operate. You may make your first call.