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Planet VIP-156

is a cheap, small but very usable VoIP adapter that allows you to connect any standard or wireless phone to a VoIP telephone network. Adapter can be connected to the internal network comprising a DHCP server, or directly to your cable or (A) DSL​​. Out of the box the phone is set to work with a fixed IP address:

this guide we'll show how to configure the adapter to work on the internal network structured using a router with a DHCP server.

If you connect your phone to your router with a DHCP server, it gives the IP numbers in your internal network. You will need to switch the phone mode to automatically download the IP address

Step 1

Connect any analog phone with tone dialing function. Turn on the power adapter.

Lift the handset and dial #111#. Replace the handset. Adapter has been reset, receive an IP address from a DHCP server.

Pick up the phone again and dial #120#. You will hear the handset IP number, which the VIP-156 currently uses. Make a note of this number.

Step 2

Start the computer connected to the same router, and in the web browser address box, type: '/ / xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' where 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' is the IP number which is read from the adapter. Confirm with ENTER.

Pull up the Log In window:

In the 'User Name' enter 'root' and confirm with ENTER.

You'll see the configuration page for the VIP-156 adapter.

Step 3

When you hover the mouse on the 'Network' in the menu on the left side, select the 'Network Settings'. You will get the window for configuration of the networking options.

If the fields DNS Server 1 and DNS Server 2 is empty, enter the values ​​as above. Click the 'Submit'.

Step 4

When you hover the mouse on the 'SIP Settings' in the menu on the left side, select the 'Service Domain'. You will get the window setup to access the SIP server, you can define access for 3 different SIP servers. Below we show how to configure the EuroTELEFON server .

In the "Display Name" and "Line Number" enter the VN number (or DID, if you have one).

In the "Register Name" enter the VN number obtained at its creation.

In the "Register Password" box, type the password that was sent at its creation.

the "Proxy Server" and "Outbound Proxy" enter "sip.eurotelefon.eu".

all by clicking "Submit".


Step 5

Make any other adapter configuration according to your needs, and finally click 'Save & Reboot'. Close your browser.

Step 6

After re-booting, a VIP-156 is ready to operate. You may make your first call.