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eyeBeam X-Lite and eyeBeam 1.5 from CounterPath

An excellent softphone program which allows making telephone calls on video-chat type telephones. It is equipped with an option of shooting sessions (audio and video). It also allows for running sessions in IM "instant messaging".

The free version (X-Lite) does not support the G729 codec and other commercial video codecs, and allows you to use only one telephone account. We recommend this program only for daily and "telemarketing" use.

Step 1:

If you want to use this program for private purposes, you can download a free version installer from the address: http://www.counterpath.com/index.php?menu=download.

You can purchase the commercial version here.

Step 2:

After installing and running the program, it will show the default screen. Then in the telephone chart setup. Click "Add...".

Step 3:

You will get a window "Properties of Account1" setup to fill in as below:

In the "Display Name", User name" and "Authorization user name" type in EuroTELEFON VN number. If you have a DID number, type it in the "Display Name" field instead. 

In the "Password" type in password we sent you when creating the account.

IN the "Domain" type in "sip.eurotelefon.eu".





In the "Dial plan" type in the following text:

This dial plan assumes that your EuroTELEFON account is the first account in the list of accounts for the eyeBeam program. If you configure your network EuroTELEFON as another account in eyeBeam, change the "#1" at the beginning of this formula to a value consistent with the position in the list of accounts (for example, change to "#2").

Step 4:

Now go to the tab "Voicemail".

Select the box "Check for voice mail. " Then type "* 198" in the "Number to dial for checking voicemail".  Click "Accept".

Once approved, this field will show up as the next entry. The remaining tabs can be omitted.

Click  "OK"

The program is ready to use.