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VoIP Configuration on DrayTek Routers

DrayTek Routers offer stable operation, provide a range of advanced network services, and therefore can be used both in domestic, small office, and company systems in need of one or many interconnections between their branches.

The following will describe how to configure the VoIP router. We assume that the other router functions (including Internet connection) are already configured. Configuring the connection to the Internet are also described in the leaflet router manual.

Step 1:

Log in to your router using a web browser. You will see the main page of the router.

Click on the "VoIP Setup". You will get the VoIP system setup menu from which you select "SIP Related Functions Setup"

Step 2:

You'll see the window intended to set up the connection to the servers for the SIP IP telephony functions. You can configure 2 different VoIP accounts on any two SIP servers. Below we show the configuration for the first port FXS telephone.


In the 'Domain', 'Proxy' and
'Outbound Proxy' type in

In the 'Display Number' type in your VN number (or DID, if you have one).

In the 'Account Name' and 'Authentication ID' type in your VN number obtained along with any information (if applicable) about your account when created.

In the 'Password' type in the password which was sent to you after you created your account.

Click OK


Step 3:

Again, return to the VoIP system setup menu from which you select 'Voice Call Status'.

You'll see the window showing the status of each VoIP channel supported by the router.

Make sure that the channel number, which is configured, shows an (R) sign . If you see the sign, your router is logged on to the EuroTELEFON server . You can also change the earpiece of the phone connected to FXS port selected buttons '<<' i '>>'. However, click 'View Log' to display a grid with the records of recently made calls.

You may log out and close your browser now and connect any analog phone to the FXS configured port and begin normal operation of your phone.